Parking assist

It's hard not to get a bump or scratch from your garage wall while parking.

This product is easy to install and works best in tight spaces so will do just the trick!

To set up for the first (and only) time, ask someone to guide you in to the best parking position and simply place the PARK ASSIST against the bumper at a known point that you can see easily from the drivers seat. Perhaps at the centre of the bonnet or the corner of the guard. Now when you drive into the parking place, your bumper touches the stop sign pole, setting off the motion sensors causing the stop sign to illuminate with flashing lights. You can adjust the height to your convenience.
Features: Easy To Assemble. Great for people who are unable to climb ladders or operate hand tools to hang a tennis ball or something similar. Set and forget.

Contents included in the box.

12.5cm wide Illuminating Stop Sign, 4 sectioned poles, weighted base, 2 AG-13 Button-Cell Batteries (INCLUDED).
Material: Plastic/Metal


(one for garage and one for the boot as a hazard light!)


                                        (+ P&H $9.85)
                                        (+ P&H $9.85)

(one for garage and one for the boot as a hazard light etc)