Flexi Hold Phone Holder Clamps For in Car Holds Phone While You Take Care of Kids

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The Flexi Hold is perfect product to mount and store your smartphone to keep users hands free! The initiative design is the perfect tool for using on your desk, chair, bed, sofa etc. So watch movies or videos or listen to music to easiest way possible using your Flexi Hold today!

- Compact & lightweight Design
- Ideal for Watching movies / videos and Listening to music in your bed, desk ,car without holding your phone!
- 360 Degrees of freedom for position and rotation of your choice
- Made form Flexible metal and ABS plastic
- Clamp and Hold your smartphone wherever you like – Indoors or Outdoors!
- On your bedside, desktop, car or furniture of your choice
- Easy to Install
- Special size adjustable design. can be used for all mobile phones and tablet which is less than 10cm
- Quality design with soft-rubber lining that is shock resistant and slip resistant
- Long arm design, ultra-firm, multi-purpose.
- Applicable Models: Smartphones such as Apple (Including I phone 6 and 6 plus), Samsung, HTC, Sony , LG and MP4 and GPS devices

Colour: Black, blue, white, pink (assorted packing)
Packing: Window colour box
Package dimension: 14*8*17cm
Package weight: 0.26kg


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